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Student Group of the Year 2019-20

UM CRC is a community of active students at the University of Montana dedicated to pursuing a sustainable future for UM, the Missoula community, and the world at large.

2023 Meeting

We meet Tuesdays from 6:00 to 7:00 pm every week in room 207 of the University Center (located inside the Branch Center). 

Current projects:

  • Climate Anxiety Workshop

    • Nov. 30th, 6-8pm, DHC 119. Join CRC and guest speaker Dr. Robohm for discussion around climate-related emotions, and connect with a supportive community of peers! Snacks and activities provided! RSVP HERE

  • "Griz Give and Get"

    • A project to divert unwanted items from the landfill and connect them to students in need

  • Recycling campaign

    • Working with UM housing to promote better recycling habits with students on campus​

  • Divestment Coalition

    • Working alongside other impacted student groups to urge the University to divest from fossil fuels​

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Recent Events
The CRC is creating and promoting petitions to make change on campus. Our most recent petition asks students and the UM community to support a variety of campus initiatives, such as releasing a clear and realistic sustainability action plan, more sustainable and transparent construction practices, and researching  the viability of using geothermal energy to reduce emissions. 

Last semester, CRC also collaborated with the Monica Tranel Campaign to promote sustainable policies. We helped them with promotional events, including Q&A sessions with students and presentations on Tranel’s environmental policies.

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Campaign Endorsement Statement

We, The UM Climate Response Club, endorse Monica Tranel’s campaign for the first western congressional district of Montana. CRC and Monica Tranel’s shared values and objectives are aligned in building a sustainable and inclusive future. We agree in investing in renewable energy while divesting from fossil fuels for current and future generations of Americans and World Citizens. We intend to use the existing funds and policies to facilitate access to solar, wind and geothermal energy sources. We support expanding the right to a clean and healthful environment to be adopted in other States, at the National level and as a basic human right. We ask for the ratification of any environmental treaty that the federal government may bring forward. We aim to have a US government that is a leader in the environmental transition while promoting the UN efforts to assist other countries in their transitions. Finally, we wish to benefit fellow Americans through new markets and employment generated during the transition.

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